Usefulness of a Predictive Dialer

Technology has already transformed the world and it has benefitted greatly to the business community around the globe. From communication systems to marketing industry, it has come up with smart and effective solutions to enhance the business productivity and decreased costs.

With ever-increased competition, businesses are now moving towards providing excellent customer care services. Call centers around the globe have certainly took advantage of latest technological developments. Call center representatives need to make a large amount of calls whether they are supporting some campaign, selling a product or just providing customer care. Quick dialing is certainly came as the most important feature in the industry and there are various forms of dialers available in the market which can do quick dialing. Predictive dialers are the most common dialers available in the market. Predictive dialers, in simple terminology are call processing systems which provide various functions. A predictive dialer can greatly help in smart calling and it can easily predict telephone with answering machines or busy lines. It will only connect those numbers which have a live contact on the other side of a phone. The basic aim is to increase the productivity time of the agent. Every dialer has a scripting tool, CTI and IVR.

There are various kinds of predictive dialers available in the market including:

VoIP predictive dialers
Web-based dialers
Hosted Predictive dialers

These dialers basically use algorithm to make calls. Capacity utilization is one of the biggest advantages that come along with the predictive dialers. The dialer comes with the capacity to manage call blending and time zones in different countries. It also contains the features like a list of do not call.

It is not just about calling, the VoIP predictive dialers also offer various other tools and features including SMS, email, and fax and handling files. It is highly valuable for increasing employee’s productivity and efficiency. In the business world, it is also known as a soft dialer. It runs with the software which make VoIP service to call on other numbers. There is no need to buy equipment because there is only a need for a computer and a broadband connection. It is interesting to note here that these days software based predictive dialers work better and with efficiency than the hardware based dialers.

The calls can also be transferred to the supervisors or managers through using this technology. It is a valuable asset for the call center businesses and also for all corporation which are quite particular about customer care. There are three distinct types of predictive dialers including soft, hard and intelligent dialers. It has different features and businesses buy them according to their own needs. A soft dialer is basically powered by the PC. SIP VoIP protocol is one of the types of soft dialer. Then there are hardware based dialers which needs hardware and they have high capacity to analyze calls with answering machines. Auto-dialing and voice messaging are the features of intelligent dialer.